Library organisations that support Open Access activities Print

Virtually all of the world's scholarly library organisations now have some Open Access support activities, but some have developed extensive programmes of advocacy and lobbying for Open Access.

The main organisation active in this field in the US is SPARC, an organisation funded by the US library community. SPARC's website has a wealth of Open Access advocacy information and resources. In neighbouring Canada, the Canadian Association of Research Libraries has produced some Open Access resources, including an author addendum.

SPARC Europe and SPARC Japan both have programmes on Open Access, and (Electronic Information for Libraries) has an extensive Open Access advocacy programme for libraries in developing and emerging countries.

We would like to link from this page to the Open Access advocacy pages on the websites of other national or international library organisations. Please email us details of your organisation's Open Access programme, or register as a contributor to OASIS and submit the link to your library's Open Access activities.