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A number of services monitor publisher policies on self-archiving and provide information to authors on what they may do with their articles. The two largest such services are the SHERPA RoMEO service hosted by the SHERPA Project at the University of Nottingham and the EPrints RoMEO service hosted by EPrints at the University of Southampton in the UK.

These two services cover journals published on an international scale, but their coverage of smaller journals that are published on a national basis is not complete. Other services are being developed to provide local coverage; for example:

  • the OAKlist provides permissions information for journals published in Australasia
  • DULCINEA covers journals published in Spain

The SHERPA Project presents users with a facility for searching either for publisher names or journal names and classifies journals according to a four-colour scheme, reflecting the level of permissions (preprint, postprint, etc). The EPrints service classifies journals into three colour-coded categories and facilitates searching by journal.

SHERPA RoMEO's summary statistics for publishers are:



EPrints RoMEO's summary statistics for journals are: